Our Maintenance Program

Service Discount Plan

Our HVAC Maintenance Program starts at $135 a year* and includes Fall and Spring preventative service visits:

Summer Cooling: 15-point inspection performed in the spring on your AC unit:

– Install gauges and check operating temperatures
– Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
– Check air temperature drop across evaporator
– Check for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks
– Check evaporator superheat
– Lubricate all moving parts
– Check belt and adjust tension
– Check filters
– Check pressure switch cut-out circuits
– Check electrical\lock out circuits
– Check starting contacts
– Check all wiring and connections
– Clean and adjust thermostat
– Check air temperature across condenser
– Check that condensate drain is open. Turn exposed dampers to cooling if marked (no balancing)

Winter Heating: 16 Point Service Check

– Check and adjust thermostat
– Check and adjust all safety controls
– Clean burners and controls
– Clean and adjust pilot assembly
– Check for gas leaks in furnace
– Lubricate moving parts
– Check belt and adjust tension
– Check filters
– Check flue pipe and draft diverter
– Check fan control
– Adjust pressure regulator
– Check complete furnace cycle
– Check temperature rise
– Perform Carbon Monoxide test

4SeasonsOther Benefits to Save Money

Equipment Benefits: Properly maintained equipment lasts longer and saves money
– Reduces your fuel bills
– Assures you of increased safety
– Prolongs equipment life
– Avoid costly breakdowns

Priority Service: we will schedule you first (with our other comfort club members!)

Discounts: 10% discount on repairs

Documentation: this will assure potential buyers of your home that the HVAC has been properly maintained, making your home worth more.

Automatically renewable: upon payment, the savings continue. This agreement is in effect when payment is made in full, and signed and dated by Sommer Heating and Cooling.

* Not all systems can be accepted into this plan

Please send us an email if you would like more information on the HVAC Maintenance Program!

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